In world news, 2018 seems to be “The Year of North Korea and Kim Jong-un.”

They have continually been in the news cycle 24 hours a day as the world watches, some in surprise, others in disbelief, as the President seems to have done a complete 180 degrees after coming under restrictive sanctions.

North Korea is the rebellious child among world nations, for many years.

Now ‘bad boy’ Kim Jong-un, out of the blue, starts “phonying up” under the Trump Administration.

The 2016 Presidential Elections

People find this amiss.

However, as we are living in a time, where it is alleged that the Russians got Donald Trump into office, nothing is surprising anymore.

Millions of Americans still cannot believe that the democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost the 2016 National Election to Trump.

Mind you, the elections had a boiling pot of allegations, supposed email fraud, sex scandals and outright racism. So, many are weary because despite all that, the wrong candidate lost.

There are others, who believe that the 2016 National Elections were hacked by Russia and they skewed the numbers in favor of Trump. Seeing as quite a few agencies have been hacked and ransomed over the last couple years, this is not hard to believe.

The “Facebook Incident” is proof of Russia’s involvement. Millions of Americans were targeted by adverts that were financed by Russian nationals.

Mark Zuckerberg was even called to a formal hearing to explain Facebook’s involvement, their policies and what they have been doing with user information.

He got a slap on the wrist and later returned to his office.

In addition, Donald Trump’s term is already rife with firings, FBI investigations, court cases, broken promises, fraud, alleged pay offs, sex scandal, and everything else that would make a great season of “Scandal.”

So why is he still in office?

His family is alleged to be involved in the white supremacists movement. His father was a figurehead. He, himself has shown a leaning towards being racists by not giving the correct responses to certain racially charged incidents across America.

Presently, his administration is under scrutiny.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating them for their involvement with the Russians. As well as, different officers received subpoenas to answer questions, including his son.

They charged one person, formally, for lying under oath.

But, will a porn star be the one to take down the President?

Trump’s lawyer is now on the hot seat and all kind of delicious morsels is thrown to the media on a daily basis.

He paid Stormi Daniels, on behalf of the president, to keep quiet. The President, Donald J, Trump, denied this, until facts came to light to show that it actually happened.

Furthermore, corporations paid Trump’s lawyer to nearly two million dollars to curry favor with Trump.

Is there a bigger conspiracy underway?

Keep Your Eyes on Russia

So, who essentially is the puppet master?

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has been making moves all over the Eastern Hemisphere.

He gave instructions for his army to get involved in the wars going on in the Middle East. Many alleged that he is deeply involved with Syria and Turkey.

But any great chess player knows that you have to think many steps ahead to win the game, over the long haul.

Is this what Putin is doing?

Does Vladimir Putin intend to make Russia the next world power?

In recent years, the Russian fleet has had nerve-racking confrontations with US ships. Videos and photos also show their planes flying dangerously low and close to the American fleet.

And know this Vladimir Putin is going nowhere.

He just won his Presidential elections as expected. Putin keeps an iron grip on Russia and no one has lived to tell the tale.

Enter the assassinations of a former Russian spy, in the United Kingdom. Workers of the Russian Embassy were deported, from both the US and Russia, because they are sure that it was an order from the Kremlin.

Now North Korea is Best Friends with South Korea and China

Over the last couple months, Kim Jong-on, communicated and met with South Korea.

He even travelled to China, in his little green train, to have discussions with that countries leader.

Then North Korea agreed to stop their nuclear projects and will meet with President Donald Trump in the coming month.

But Jung Un has even pulled the olive branch further and released three American prisoners. They arrived in Maryland on June 10, 2018 and met with the President. Now headlines are reading, “Trump Gets American Prisoners Freed from North Korea.”

What more is North Korea willing to do?

Should they be trusted?

Or is this a game of Russian roulette?

It is going to be a game of wait and see. The IA, FBI and every American agency is on edge and being ultra-cautious, especially with the planned summit between the two Presidents.

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