It is interesting times in the world of International relations, especially for America.

According to, “International relations focuses on the interactions of the actors in international politics.” And boy is it getting more interesting than a midday soap opera.

What’s Going On?

There are several historic events occurring across the world. And the United States is in the thick of it.

North Korea

North Korea is making huge strides.

Kim Jong-un is on friendly terms with South Korea, a country that they have been at war with for many years. Suddenly, he has done an about face and is willing to put an end to his nuclear projects.

Is this because of the heavy sanctions that America has levied against the country for developing nuclear weapons? And not only developing them but also testing them repeatedly despite calls from the world community, United Nations and other organizations to desist from doing so.

Many pundits doubt that is the case, and that there is something more nefarious afoot.

Canada and Mexico

Across the Atlantic, Trump is playing hardball with international trade.

America seems to have been getting a raw deal, as it relates to trading and importing goods, and now Trump is trying to fulfill his promises to coal miners and steel factory workers. New tariffs have been imposed and right now, only Canada and Mexico are sitting pretty.

But that might not be for long as President Donald Trump wants new stipulations that benefit the USA in NAFTA.


China is giving the US side-eyed looks.

Because of the new tariffs, China is in the Trump doghouse and they are making no bones about issuing similar treatment to the US imports. Trump levied duties on Chinese imports. China levies duties on American imports.

Tit for tat!


Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin is trying out for the grand master of chess, on the world stage.

There were a few close calls with the US on the high seas.

He has zigzagged across the Middle East and shoring up relations with countries who are at all out war with their neighbors. All while managing to win a general election back home in the Motherland.

Lest we forget!

Remember that Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, not to mention the show of force in allied countries.

All in all, it is just another ‘hold your breath’ day for world news.

US International Relations with Mexico

Since taking the office as President of the United States, Trump has clashed with Mexico on two hot-button issues. They are the border wall to stop illegal crossings and deportation of illegal Mexicans in the US.

Deporting Illegal Mexicans

Sure, they are the same issue, but one has caused a rising since of fear among Mexicans in the States.

This is the all-encompassing immigration raids carried out by the ICE team.

Every year, since the George W. Bush and Obama administrations, over 200,000 people were deported. However, Trump came out with massive, insensitive and degrading raids that caused a wide scale panic across the country.

Teachers, doctors and other professionals from countries associated with terrorism were blocked from returning to jobs, though they had legal status to do so.

The DACA Program is Winding Down

The issue is now being contested in courts across the country, as various States try to shelter children who were brought into the country, illegally, but that is no fault of their own.

Majority of illegal immigrants are from Central America, with the majority being from Mexico.

In California alone, over 200,000 people are in the DACA program. And California is right on the Mexico border.

However, Trump’s callous handling of the matter brought intense international criticism and further unraveled the thread of friendship that Obama worked years to mend.

Border Wall

Then there is the issue of a border wall being built between Mexico and the United States.

Many ridiculed this notion, even from the days of Trump’s campaign for President. Some thought that once he got in office that it would eventually get sidetracked and forgotten because of budgetary constraints.

Once Trump knew how expensive such a proposition was, he would shelve it.

But then, he pushed the idea of Mexico paying for the wall. Mexicans everywhere suffered fits of giggles and the whole world considered Trump a bigger joke.

Taking a Step Back

But Trump changed strategies and is getting what he wants in different ways.

He opened a US Embassy in Jerusalem, informing the world, that US acknowledges that city as Israel’s capital and he is also set to have a historic meeting with North Korea’s leader.

Already, Kim Jong-un released three American prisoners, and they returned to the States in early May 2018.

President Trump might have stumbled a lot in his early days, and though his personal scandals are drawing much attention, he is determined to an implement his campaign promises, even if that means disturbing the normal course of international relations.

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