Somewhere in the back of the minds of minorities, they dreaded the installment of the new President, and for good reason.

One of the first things he did, when he took office officially, as President of the United States, was to initiate raids upon all known illegal aliens.

This caused such panic and chaos in many counties and States. It was terrible.

It is such a precarious time to be an undocumented alien in the United States. Immigration enforcement is rampant across all States, as the new President, Donald Trump, is digging through every borough to find illegal immigrants.

Literally, New York can attest to this.

People were pulled from their homes, and parking lots.

They hauled from the driveways of their children’s schools, train stations and while walking on the streets.

Mexicans, Hondurans and people from non-Caucasian groups, it seems, were prime targets. And this is not only because they make up the largest category of immigrants in the DACA Program.

Some would say that Trump has a chip on his shoulder, and he is not going to stop until it is no longer there. According to Trump, he is pushing certain measures, so that Congress can step up and make policies, like the DACA Program legit.

Others, who are behind his agenda to “Make America White Again,” fully back all his initiatives.

Yes, Americans have come full circle with the hidden beast of racism.

To stem the tide, some States declared themselves “Sanctuaries.”

The States vs. Trump

Immigration enforcement is shifting considerably under Trump.

According to a new report, overall deportation figures are less under the Donald Trump because California and other sanctuary areas are resisting.

This despite the fact that the Trump administration is implementing strategies that are more stringent.

As such, there are disparities for how and why ICE executes immigration enforcement on people off the streets, depending on which state it occurs.

Randy Capps, of the Migration Policy Institute, which is in Washington, reported that “the fortunes of an unauthorized immigrant in Georgia, Tennessee and Texas, where the mere act of driving can result in arrest and deportation, are entirely different from in California, Chicago and New York. Because immigrants can be arrested for a variety of crimes and not be taken into the custody of the ICE.”

In these States, the laws now prohibit local cops from assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

So the arrest numbers decreased.

In 2013, 23% of ICE arrests occurred in California. However, up to last year, that figure was closer to 14%. So the sanctuary laws are making a difference.

The direct implications, however, will be a paradigm shift in how law enforcement agencies relate. Included in this, is the possible implications for crime levels as well.

But these efforts brought ligation from Trump vs. California.

Further to this, there are other regulations implemented, in recent times, as well.

However, these are on the side of “anti-sanctuary” supporters.

There are those who believe that immigration enforcement is a federal issue and as such, States are not justified in their efforts to protect immigrants.

So this law exists now in various counties in California, including San Diego and Orange counties.

To emphasize how serious immigration enforcement is getting under Trump, there is a report called “Revving Up the Deportation Machinery; Enforcement and Pushback Under Trump.”

This comes from the team trying to litigate the States for interfering with federal laws.

It highlights the activities, interviews and statistics of ICE officials in over 15 different locations.

Trump’s administration is also putting pressure on the judicial system because he asked judges to meet quotas. They are also being bullied to process the cases faster, for this reason.

The Deporter-in-Chief

Compared to both George W. Bush and Obama, Trump’s administration is not making nearly enough arrests. Though it was not highlighted as much, Obama is known as the immigration enforcer or “Deporter-in-Chief.”

The United States interior had over 300,000 people deported.

However, all of that changed in Obama’s second term, because he implemented the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

That allowed for 200,000 people in California to seek permits to stay longer in the United States, which included 490,000 from other States.

Trump is adamant to dismantle the DACA Program must.

He even signed an executive order.

Several States chose to ignore and fight against its implementation.

Resisting the Trump Immigration Enforcement Tsunami

Trump’s approach only stirred up rebellion across the country. His approach was crass and demeaning.

People lawyer-ed up.

Legislators pushed for protective laws and got them implemented. Legal counsel came from Civil Rights groups. Non-profits ran seminars and workshops and started to teach people their rights.

Again, California led the charge in these areas, with the California Values Act, or SB-54. This limited police involvement in ICE raids.

But, not all states agreed with “Sanctuary State” initiatives, if anything they doubled down and implemented tougher legislation to support immigration enforcement.

When you look at the numbers it’s over 3000 against and 300 for “sanctuary status.”

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