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Spinning Globe is all about what the media and people in power don’t want you to see. We go “inside the politics” to inform you about what lies beneath the current events and political stories we see in the news.

If that old saying, “the personal is about the political,” then Spinning Globe is all about you. Our main focus is on current events and policies, how political activity around the world affects us in our daily lives, and how we can empower ourselves.

Now, more than ever before, global politics are affecting almost every aspect of our lives. The effects of global economic sanctions, wars in faraway nations, and trade agreements are creeping into our daily lives like never before.

Stay Informed with News You Can Use

We’ve sorted our reports into easy-to-find categories so you can quickly find what you need to stay informed.

  • Education: Find out how about educational issues that affect you, your family, and your community. Topics include student debt, the state of our public schools and universities, and more.
  • Foreign Affairs: Learn more about how far-away trade agreements, economics, foreign policy, and events around the globe make an impact on our daily lives.
  • Immigration: Gain an understanding of how immigration is shaping politics, the economy, and society around the globe.
  • Our Global Future: Learn about how current trends in politics, economics, and society are shaping our future. Discover how Twitter influences journalism, and — more recently — foreign policy.
  • Politicians: Discover lots of fascinating facts about our political leaders, past and present.
  • The Global Economy: Find out what all the statistics news outlets keep throwing out actually mean, and how they affect you in your daily life. On a world stage, see where your country stands in the economic pecking order.

Here at Spinning Globe we provide you with straight-forward, unbiased, and useful information about current events. We’d also love for you to drop us a line and let us know what you think.

Featured image: CC 0 Bobby Mikul via Public Domain Pictures.

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