To understand global economic activity is to understand the world itself on a deeper political and cultural level. But keeping up with current global economic theories is obviously time-consuming and complicated. In order to stay informed on the state of global finance, you’ll want to regularly read a journal of global economics.

But which journal is best? There are many journals related to global economics to choose from. Our guide will help you find journals which focus on the topics which are the most relevant and informative, as well as suited to your existing knowledge level.

How to Understand Global Economics

Nations of the world can no longer operate in isolation. The global economy has a significant impact on the economic health of every country in the world. In fact, the global economy has never been more intertwined – although globalization is not a new issue.

Globalization has been around since approximately the 15th century. As Western European nations expanded their reach into colonies throughout Africa and the Americas, a path of economic dependency was created.

Raw materials were extracted from these less-developed nations and then sent to European capitals. Manufacturers turned these materials into goods and services which were then sold back to the developing nations.

Global economics are all about numbers. But sometimes you need to look beyond the numbers in order to get the real story. Globalization started with fairly significant income inequality which continues even today.

We’re currently in the Modern Age of Globalization. The world’s center of power has shifted towards the U.S. and away from Europe. But global income inequality remains high, with people in less developed nations frequently earning low wages to make goods purchased by consumers in developed nations.

However, globalization causes economic hardship in the developed, Western world, too. Low-skilled jobs such as factory and assembly work either have already disappeared or are at risk of doing so. Large corporations are relocating manufacturing facilities to parts of the world where the labor force is significantly cheaper.   

Globalization is too complex a topic to be considered either 100% good or 100% bad. Instead, we must study academic research in order to learn how global integration can be implemented with maximum benefit and minimal harm. Global economic journals are an excellent resource to help gain the necessary understanding.  

What are Global Economic Journals?

Academia is filled with scholarly journals. Available usually in both print and online, journals present peer-reviewed articles on all manner of subjects. These articles are peer-reviewed for accuracy. They’re almost always written by academic experts. In the world of global economics, topics general fall into three categories: finance, politics and culture.

As the global economy becomes increasingly connected, the financial health of individual nations becomes increasingly connected. Economists study the large macro effects of these connections.

Job creations and, often more importantly, job loss due to globalization is another major area of research. As people lose their jobs, or even fear for future job loss, they turn to political solutions. Governments and campaigns for leadership are increasingly focused on globalization, isolationism, immigration and similar issues.

Finally, globalization is about more than simply money and jobs. Cultural impact is another area which is frequently studied. Are local cultures becoming lost to increased global homogenization? How can businesses from one part of the world conduct operations in a part of the world they may be unfamiliar with? The study of culture and globalization looks at the human, non-business aspects of increasing connectedness.  

Let’s take a look at some popular journals dedicated to global economic issues:

Global Journal of Finance and Economics

This is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to economic and finance issues related to academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Articles focus on the economic interactions between developing and developed countries. The journal’s goal is to re-examine empirical research using new data sets or alternative theoretical framework. This journal also accepts manuscripts related to general interest economic and financial topics.

Journal of Reviews on Global Economics

This journal publishes peer-reviewed papers on a wide range of economic topics including micro, macro, economic policies and more. They cover theoretical, applied and empirical research.

The stated goal of the journal is to increase the exchange of ideas among academic researchers and policymakers. The journal is especially interested in topics related to real-world economic issues, policy and politics. They focus on original research programs.  

The journal Co-Editors in Chief are Michael McAleer and Chian-Lin Chang who are based in The Netherlands and Taiwan, respectively. The Executive Editor is Badar Alam Iqbal in Switzerland. They publish one journal each year which is available by open access.  

The intended audience of the journal does have a fairly significant academic background in economics. Most readers are practicing economic researchers, Ph.D. students and other specialists.

Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Sponsored by the Institute of International Economic Studies, this is an online journal dedicated to a wide array of international economic issues. Their aim is to enhance the study of macroeconomics, trade policy, foreign aid, international trade organizations, international property rights and more.

This is an excellent journal to follow if you’re generally new to the world of global economics. Journal editors prefer articles which are clearly written with easy-to-follow explanations of economic models and policy implications.

The JIGES publishes two issues each year. Average review time for submissions is about three months. They do not publish any articles written by internal faculty and staff.

Journal of Global Business and Economics

Founded by the Global Research Agency, the Journal of Global Business and Economics concentrates on world economic issues. Topics range from the political to the culture. Articles range from in-depth examinations regarding the impact of government economic systems on corporations to more light-hearted studies of how the global economy affects the rate of dining out.

The journal currently publishes on an infrequent schedule. However, an extensive archive of previously published articles is available for free online. This is a great resource if you’re interested in timeless information on global economic trends, although their supply of current articles is limited.   

Journal of Global Economics

The Journal of Global Economics is a multi-disciplinary journal focused on global economics. They purposefully publish articles on a wide range of subjects including international law, global marketing, immigration, trade policy and income inequality.  

Each article is peer-reviewed before publication. Articles are available online for free with no restrictions or subscription required. Plus, authors are encouraged to submit through the journal’s Editorial Manager System which allows for real-time tracking during the review process.  

Their easy-to-access articles are an excellent free resource for anyone interested in a wide range of economic topics.

Which Journal is the Best Choice for Your Needs?

All of the journals listed above are well-respected and established. Every article published is peer-reviewed for accuracy and quality.

When selecting a journal, consider your existing level of expertise as well as your interests. Some journals are created for a reader who is already familiar with economic theories and terms. Others are more accessible to the layperson.

What topics are you interested in? Global economics is a large field. Do you want to learn more about income inequality, free trade, political policy, cultural effects or something else? For those new to the general field, learning about a narrow subject is often a great starting point for expanding your knowledge base.

Final Thoughts on Global Economic Journals

The world of global economics is endlessly fascinating. Truly, there’s never been a more dynamic time in history for global economic systems. Changes to the worldwide economy are occurring at an ever-accelerating pace.

The future of global economics will impact basically every person on earth to one degree or another. Staying up-to-date on current economic issues is a must. Finding the right journal of global economics will help you staying informed on global economic trends both today and into the future. 

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