Politics is one of the most controversial areas to be discussed.

People get illogical, passionate, riled up, aggressive or downright violent. It makes people act out of themselves and not focus on the facts or consider someone else’s point of view.

Today, we would like to explore one of today’s hot-button issues. That is of limiting terms and ending the cycle of career politicians.

Examples of Career Politicians

There are a number of members serving upwards of 40 years in Congress or in other offices of the United States government. These people give a whole new meaning to the term, career politicians.

Here are a few:

  1. Senator Robert Byrd – 51 years
  2. Senator Strom Thurmond- 46 years
  3. Daniel Inouye – 46 years
  4. Senator Teddy Kennedy – 46 years
  5. Senator Ted Stevens – 40 years
  6. John McCain – over 30 years

Most of these men are dead. They served until their final breath and it’s safe to say that Senator McCain is headed for the same fate.

The Good Old Boys Club

Many people look at this as an unfair reality because so many career politicians have been ineffective.

When they started, they had numerous promises, some they managed to fulfill and others they reneged on. Over a period, they become power hungry, greedy and pursue the interests of the rich elite and mega businesses rather than the needs of the common man, who voted them into office in the first place.

If you look on those who sit in power for an extended period of time, your eyes will be drawn across the pond to Europe and other States where they have kings and queens.

The Founding Fathers

Many have also asked whether this was what was intended by the founding fathers.

Some purport that they would be turning in their graves if they knew the outcome of the legacy that they shed blood, sweat and tears for.

Emphasis on the blood.

Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson all resisted the idea of monarchy.

They did not believe that any one person or family in power should have expressed power over a people for an extended period.

After all, there is the saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

They worked under, developed the constitution so that the rights of men and women everywhere, would not be imposed upon. And that America would not reflect the aristocracy of Britain.

They did not pursue a third term, especially George Washington when he was offered to him. Neither did he allow anyone to call him ‘Your Highness’ or ‘His Excellency.’

‘Mr. President’ was good enough for Washington.

The Need for Term Limits

However, the founding fathers made one error.

They did not explicitly or implicitly indicate term limits, for politicians, in the U.S. Constitution.

A lot of people think about why our elected officials mess up so often. They speculate about why career politicians in Washington do not fulfill their promises and won’t insist on laws or ratify legislation are of value to ordinary citizens.

Instead, it seems, businesses and governments overseas are reaping more from our internal legislation.

This makes you think about why Donald Trump is ripping out all the old tariff deals and implement new ones that benefit the United States businesses, coal miners and steel factories.

You would expect that the politicians that you vote for to put your needs ahead of everybody else’s and stop outsourcing jobs.

Well, it is because of their hidden agendas why America has nearly 42 million people relying on food stamps, and 15 million people who are unemployed.

It seems career politicians have a secret society that caters to the wealthy elitist business people.

They have replicated the example of monarchy and entrenched it into the American political system.

We see this from the examples of US Senators, given above, who did not demit office until they were dead. From Teddy Kennedy to Ted Stevens, they all served over 40 years.

During his run for President, many doubted that McCain would be able to do the job sufficiently or last a full term. But, he is still breathing well into President Trump’s first term.

One main disadvantage of these men and women staying in power and developing into career politicians is that they have no new ideas to give.

They have long outlived their usefulness, to the common people, in office.

But no, they won’t go easy.

They hold on with a vice grip. You have to literally rip the reins of power from their cold, stiff, dead fingers.

They leave behind a trail of chaos and America is left with trillions of dollars in debt. And even though this is the reality and American citizens complain, nothing is done about.

No new legislation is passed to implement term limits, and they are voted in every term.

Don’t you think it’s time that there is a cap on congressional term limits?

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